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On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Permaculture West wrote:

> Anybody have a good recipe for vegetarian chili?  I'm in the mood for a big
> bowl of chili with crackers.

Saute lots of garlic in lots of olive oil, add 1lb. tofu, cubed & saute
(don't overcook). Add cumin, oregano, chili powder, red pepperflakes with
seeds & HOT ground red pepper (the kind that's almost orange in color
and is 65K Scoville units). Add various chopped dried sweet/semi hot  
peppers (pasillo is one variety that comes to mind but there are half a
dozen that are especially delicious). Salt to taste but keep the amount
low for better flavor. Add chopped fresh or canned chopped/diced/pureed
tomato. Simmer for a short time. Add can of cooked kidned, red or pinto
beand to mix and simmer a little longer. Don't overcook.

Serve over or alongside rice. Very fine indeed.

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