Bermuda Grass

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Tue Jan 13 13:00:50 EST 1998


Down south, they call bermuda grass "horizontal bamboo." 

You may receive myriad suggestions ranging from killing off the planet to get
rid of bermuda grass to quiet conversations with the devas thereof. Probably
either will work providing you are a true believer. I favor conversations with
the devas--see Machelle Small Wright in VA for directions to the devas.

When I get ambitious enough for a major confrontation, I go out and scalp the
plot as best I can with one of those Japanese little sickle like things. I
pile the whole mess up in some artistic arrangement on the cleared plot and
let it compost itself. I plant red clover, wheats, oats, favas and alfalfa and
buckwheat and anything else with some positive energies associated with it on
the composting pile and everybody has a wonderful time during the process. All
this cacophony of vegetatioin while hungover may be a bit like the hair of the
dog. The outcome sometimes is that the bermuda grass is intimidated enough to
sue for peace and promise to exercise restraint as long as I hold off
destroying the planet. Seems like a decent trade, now. 

Sounds sorta like the kind of thing permaculturalists may get with, no?

And if all that doesn't work, I check my lines to the devas for static. One
guarantee I can make is that the whole business is more fun than mowing
bermuda often and close which is the better way for Americans with front lawns
to deal with it. Neighbors may not like it, the cacophonous compost pile
approach, though--narrow minded folks, that is.

Milo Clark
Berkeley CA USA

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