Bermuda grass

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On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, j a white wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience in successfully removing Bermuda grass?
> Someone had once suggested to layer cardboard down on top of it to block
> the sunlight, 

This is the best mulch to smother it with.

> and even punch holes through the cardboard and plant
> mangles or the like.  Obviously, this particular type of grass is very

Don't do that or it will get through and spread.

> tenacious and the roots can go very deep into the soil and will travel a
> great distance to search for and seek out light.  

Absoultely. Dig it up and compost it or cover it with a considerable
amount of clean dirt. You can try interplanting with it the following:

rye grain
grain sorghum
fescue (tall)
lambs quarters
Johnson Grass (less a problem weed than Bermuda)

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