growth of PC

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Mon Jan 12 12:37:17 EST 1998

David DeVries asks the pertinent: "How many diverse levels with how many

To quote myself (isn't that tacky?) " many seed nuclei on as many
levels as we can..."; it's a situation that is critical... probably about
as easy to actually quantify as the weather, but critical and as David also

"...without 100,000... enthusiasts spread very evenly, we are set to lose a
significant proportion of [global] diversity (cultural and biological)..."

Partly a done deal... already our sub-species (H. sapiens addictus) is the
direct (first known biological) cause of one of the 6 great extinctions of
known geo-biological ourstory. This is a fact... therefore, it's not only
"how many do we need?", it's "everybody get to it, now!" Not much more we
can do except our best, right now. A very good reason for a very high level
of cooperation on BOTH centralized and decentralized levels... groups
replacing banks with credit unions and universities that teach pillage with
universities that teach life, and individuals working wherever they are to
do whatever they can with whatever they know and have. In the end shame
comes not from losing, but from failing to fight the good fight. 


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