Elders' Symposium

lbarnes lbarnes at primeline.com
Mon Jan 12 09:41:30 EST 1998

Jack and all elders-in-training, Thanks for your gifts of time and
information via this emerging net! While we each have to feed our faces
and put roofs over our favorite conviences, we can choose to share the
surplus of our time and experience. I thank all the folks who add freely
to this list. (and respect those who have to recieve $ for their
services). I believe that true education requires at least three levels
of effort- 1) information distillation and distribution, 2) empowerment
of people so they can use this information, and 3) continuing
encouragement/mentoring of our relations to use the info and tools to
make personal changes (planetary changes take longer- needs more
gardening...). I have my own 5 R's for personal change - Respect,
Remember, Rethink, Reduce, and Reuse. Respect all-our-relations, we're
all connected. Remember our relationships with
air/soil/plants/minerals/et al. Rethink our personal needs- all
consumption has its costs on the ecosystems which support us. We need to
live more simply and independently from off-site and extra-regional
resources. Reduce. Reduce. Reduce. Reuse is just the beginning of
recycling matter and energy contained in our consumption. I would be
happy to share any of my information collections and give freely as I
can on the net. Happy Trails, Lee Barnes. Katuah Bioregion. Southern
Appalachian Mts. Hardiness Zone 6a.

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