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>Hurray! for Geoff King's idea for an open-attendance, Internet PC course.
>Or, a symposium with activists in various pc/sustainable fields publishing
>papers on technical, detail-oriented aspects of their work, complete with
>examples from their experience. We're all familiar with the broad
>principles, what we need now is the exchange of working details. I'm in.
>Great idea, Geoff.
>My only disagreement with Geoff's post (on a technicality) was the 'Sirs'
>salutation, since so many of the persons most active in this movement are
>women. I believe, in fact, in terms of numbers, that there are more women
>involved than men, if it matters. I know, in my current professional work
>of running a seed exchange, that women significantly outnumber men in terms
>of membership, offering of seeds, and requesting seeds. Hurray for women!
>"Between men and women there is very little difference... but, VIVE LA
>DIFFERENCE!!" (pardon my French)
Hi Jack et al

Just have to add my grumble here. PC isn't a boys' club though it really
does seem so sometimes in 'virtual' realms, in print and also at pc
gatherings. I suppose farming, architecture and alternative technology are
still very male dominated clubs. The Pc Association (UK) only started
having decent creches at convergences when the women became the

There are a lot of women out there - often gardening, not high profile
philosophising or pursuing academic careers (inrresistable dig!) - and
there are a lot of pc blokes looking after kids too. So, as Jack's new
paradigm manifests, let us make real attempts not to be sexists, either
side of the brassiere.



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