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Dear all,

Regarding printed and virtual outlets for permaculture information that
Jack mentioned...

A request: I hope that if anyone reading these posts is sitting on
innovative pc information which has a cool temperate slant and is looking
for an outlet, that they know that Permanent Publications is always seeking
good articles for PC Magazine and also publishes a number of book per year,
such as 'Plants For a Future' by Ken Fern. It is our aim to desseminate
cool temperate pc infomration as well as we possibly can.

Finally, the fundamental difference between us and conventional
scientistics/academics/business people etc. is that we are trying to design
systems from a holistic perspective, not analysis discrete parts of one
element, often in isolation. So we are by nature often generalists as well
as specialists and this is way we do not fit into the convention  shoes of
your usual business person or leacturer.

>This is one important reason I support a Permaculture Academy (another
>invisible structure) where basics would be taught in a systematic fashion.
>I see too great a dearth of basic information about plants, about
>sustainable financial and social structures, about teaching methods, about
>energy study, etc, etc. In addtion to formalized learning structures, I
>further believe it is time for each person with specialized knowledge about
>any subject of sustainability to undertake the discipline of putting that
>information into circulation by publishing through any of the available
>means (this is fundamentally what we are doing on this list). All of us
>without a particular specialty can pick one, learn about it, and share
>through direct teaching, or through print or electronic publications. I
>really feel we have to become as well educated, or better, than the
>mainstream scientists, agronomists, businesspersons, systems designers, etc
>who are working to maintain the present structure of death and destruction.
>Jack Rowe

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