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Rene and Lorraine van Raders rvraders at
Tue Jan 13 01:42:51 EST 1998

Good discussion!

Liked Fiona's analogy (K and r strategies)... seems to me there is room for
both huge courses like Bill's was and one's like ours (maximum 10
students).  One gets to lots of people, but not necessarily well.  I
believe our small courses invariably make a significant impact on people's
lives.  Different teachers produce different students.. diversity!  just
what we want.

I would beg to differ re weak people mostly being affected by the two week
courses.  I guess it may depend on the teacher, but we are very aware of
the brainwashing that can occur during intense sessions such as our
courses.  We are very careful to constantly remind people that what we're
saying isn't all true.  Our experience has been  that  the most highly
motivated and intelligent individuals are the most excited by the potential
of pc concepts and they go for it, while "weaker" individuals are usually
secretly very frightened by the whole idea and are often not heard of for
some time.  Even then seeds are often sown that show up much later.

But Fiona is right I think in saying that the two week course is not the
only way, or even the best way to spread pc information.  As many have
said, pc is in it's infancy/gestation period.  Change is already happening.
 It only takes one person to make a big difference.. there are many more
than one making waves (some within pc, some without).

We have not had a student yet teach a full two week design course, though
we have two who are due to do so fairly soon.  I'm not surprised at the
lack of students wanting to be teachers though - it needs a lot of
dedication and isn't especially financially rewarding at first.  Our focus
is on helping students take charge of their lives, leaving with more
knowledge about
what they don't know.. starting them on a learning curve.  In time, I
believe most will do more for themselves and others (including the
environment) than if they hadn't done the course.  Not bad for a two week
A small percentage will develop to be dedicated activists (for positive
change) and teachers.  I'm learning to make that percentage bigger, but
most students aren't ready for such a huge life change. 

Every day in every way I'm becoming a better teacher.
Every day in every way the world is becoming a better place.  :-)
Well actually if we look at nature we see that though a trend can be seen,
nature grows in spurts (often 3 steps forward, 1 backwards, then on again).

Good night from Far North Queensland (Major flooding in Cairns and
Townsville, 80 and 400 km away).  All our tanks and swales are full!!!

Cheers Rene van Raders
PS 400 km is close where I come from.


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