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>Hi all
>I am the treasurer of our local Landcare group and the project leader for a
>stormwater project about to start.
>Specifically we're looking for contacts of successful stormwater projects,
>innovative ideas, designs for gross pollutant traps, designs for repair of
>very steep erosion points (at outfall), books or papers.  In fact any info
>at all related to stormwater. 
>Rene van Raders
>PO Box 389
>Malanda  4885
>Far North Queensland
G'day Rene and Lorraine!

There's a fair bit around in Victoria at the moment about stormwater and
"best practice" - we are involved ourselves at the City of Port Phillip in a
project with Melbourne Water, the EPA and the Department of Natural
Resources and Environment to reduce the stormwater pollution load.

I am also working on a set of principles for good stormwater practice for
the City, which among other things will require no net increase in the area
of impervious surfaces resulting from new urban development. It also links
in with our roof gardens work, of course! A paper my boss and myself
prepared on this should be available in the proceedings of the Catalyst '97
conference (University of Canderra), due out next month.

I suggest you get hold of the following publications: 

* "Best Practice Stormwater Management", a manual (draft only at the moment,
but they are looking for public comment) produced by Melbourne Water, the
EPA and DNRE. While it is mainly focussed on the urban situation, and
particularly on pollution control, it does have some good practical material
on gross pollutant traps, on site retention and detention etc.

* "Sustainable Urban Water Systems and Ecotechnology", papers from a 1993
seminar at Murdoch University. Again, an urban focus, but some good lateral

* "Water Sensitive Urban (Residential) Design Guidelines for the Perth
Metropolitan Region" - Discussion paper, and Schedule of Best Management
Practice. These two documents were produced by the WA Water Authority,
Department of Planning and Urban Development and WA EPA - they are out of
print (1993), but are still pretty much "state of the art". You can probably
acess them via Internet - I assume one or more of the organisations I have
listed has a Web site (haven't checked).

Hope this is of some use. I'll be interested to see what others come up
with, as it will be of value to me too.

Paul Osmond

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