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Sun Jan 11 15:19:14 EST 1998  Permaculture at InterGarden   
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On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, YankeePerm wrote:

> So in creating free training for people who have personal computers, we aren't
> accomplishing much except keeping people on the tit.  

Wouldn't want to do anyting like that would we. I guess we should remove
all out PC webpages, contact email ID's and PC mailing lists, webforums
and newsgroups, yesterday. Take everything PC-related offline
immediately. Just to suit Dan. OK, 48 hour countdown starts now,
Jan 11, 1998, 3:14 PM EST, on this list, permaculture at,
which will automagically disappear from the known universe at that time.


There you go again Dan, naysaying. Noone is trying to impinge on your
ability to make a living via online PC education, workshops or consulting.

Deal with it.

If some of us want a free online PC course, we'll have one. Of course
all volunteers will share 100% of the workload. It may take time
but will be worthwhile in the long run.

> So free training propsed is for people who could pay for a course in what they
> pay for fancy tires on one of their cars in a year. 

Free training is for people who have to have tires for their vehicles
and don't have enough left over after paying for utilities, food,
insurance and other vitals, to pay for commercial PC
education. I guess you just don't understand what living simply is all

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