Mosquito uses

David Fuller sol3az at
Fri Jan 9 17:38:31 EST 1998

Wonderful... Nice piece, Jack.

Umm...Bats.  Who has figures for bat consumption of the flying suckers.  And
how su(ck)cessful are bat boxes.  I live in Arizona.  Also we have had a
recent migration of the ankle-biting aegyptoides (sic) mosquito, that has
made the evenings in our balmy land almost unbearable.  Dengue and
encephalitis carriers, too, they are.  Welts and scratching are a way of
life now.

At 12:31 PM 1/9/98 -0500, Jack Rowe wrote:
>Mosquitoes can be seen as unused resources of the highest value...
>Bloodletting, for instance, has been seen by some of the US's greatest
>doctors (such as George Washington's own presidential doctor) as a great
>benefit to health, even having amazing curative powers. I once saw a
>mosquito, down on the Navasota River here in Texas, drag a yearling calf
>about 50 yards into the brush. By the time I could run to help it had been
>sucked completely dry, but presumably the calf's health had reached great
>heights before its mysterious death.
>Mosquitoes are also known to be an effective aid in weight loss. The
>incessant slapping and moving around necessary to avoid excessively-healthy
>bloodletting episodes like the one recounted above can burn large amounts
>of calories, and greatly increases muscle tone in legs and upper arms.
>Mosquitoes also carry several diseases proven to be highly effective in
>weight loss. 
>Mosquitoes can greatly increase mental and aural acuity. What other aid can
>so powerfully concentrate our hearing and mental attention as the sound of
>a mosquito whining 'round our beds at night?
>Mosquitoes are a great protectant against rampant Kudzu vinces. Many are
>the times when I have become almost completely exhausted from attempting to
>outrun Kudzu vines, but was kept going in my efforts by the even-greater
>need to outrun hungry mosquitoes, some of them carrying clearly-illegal
>automatic weapons. 
>And finally, mosquito meat is highly under-rated, under-used, is nutritious
>and has a very high dress-out ratio. The average 180-pound mosquito, for
>instance, will dress out to just a little over 100 pounds of (red) meat!
>Tastes a lot like chicken. And let's not forget the value of tough,
>attractive, long-lasting mosquito leather!
>It's time we began utilizing this plentiful resource instead of complaining
>about its ubiquity. 
>Next week: Another under-utilized resource, Land Pirhannas (also known as

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