Permaculture and mosquitoes

Rene and Lorraine van Raders rvraders at
Fri Jan 9 00:47:54 EST 1998

'The Wet' has well and truly arrived for us (we live in the tropical
highlands of Australia), and so have the mosquitoes....they are a vague
hassle to us locals but a menace to any visitors, and with a rather large
dengue fever threat in Cairns (which is 70 km away) we have decided to take

Already we have fish in all standing water, however that does not stop them
from breeding in the lush vegetation we have planted.  Obviously screening
and mosquito nets work - but we'd love to hear of your experiences with
minimising the dreaded insect!  

We look forward to any information, experiences, or ideas (whacky or

Cheers, Lorraine and Rene van Raders

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