Economics of abundance

Rene and Lorraine van Raders rvraders at
Fri Jan 9 00:29:02 EST 1998

Hi Dan and all
Not too much experience yet with the economics of abundance but have been a
trustee for a local LETS system.  It seemed to me to have the potential to
deliver, yet was stifled by notions that were brought to it from the
economics of scarcity (ie people were frightened to trade, were frightened
to deal in large amounts).

I often thought about breaking the LETS "rules" and providing all new
members with 1000000 units to start with, rather than a zero balance which
often turned into a negative balance with admin charges, or perhaps even a
system with no accounts at all.  People just got what they wanted whenever
they wanted it... assuming that over a lifetime of participation in the
community it would all come out in the wash anyway.

The other trustees didn't like those ideas much, and I struggled just to
get them to stop worrying about debts of 300 units.  LETS is a fun system
when dealing with jams and chutneys but I think has the potential to really
subvert the current economic system.

Would love to hear others views on the above "wild" ideas.

Cheers Rene van Raders

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