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Hello all,

I am currently studying Environmental Management at Silsoe College
near Bedford and am doing my treatise on Permaculture. 

I have my design and advanced design certificate which I obtained in
Australia and so although I am versed in the principles I don't know
many people to discuss/enthuse over them with.

If there is anyone in the area who is either interested in
Permaculture or has a permaculture plot that I could visit I would
love to chat with them.
I am also helping with the permaculture course at the college and so
if at one point I could bring a small class(5-6 people)to visit as
well that would be fab.
I am also finding out about starting a local group.

My treatise will be on 'Plant selection for a permaculture design'
which will illustrate the importance of selection and how plant
interactions  affect all aspects of a design.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and anyone who lives near here -
please write, I'm drowning in a sea of agricultural madness!!!!

Thanks lots

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