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Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Tue Jan 6 19:33:14 EST 1998

I believe "invisible structures" are of prime importance now, when many of
us are attempting to bring permacultural/sustainable practices and outlooks
into manifestation in the real world. Credit Unions, specifically, are of
central importance since implementing real designs often requires more
money than a person has at her disposal -- money seems an all-too-common
stopping point for so many otherwise good ideas. 

I, like Dan H., would like very much to see the charter(s) being proposed
for the(se) Credit Union(s), since the charter is precisely where the
differences between community-oriented and pillage-oriented systems enter
in. In fact, it would be very instructional to see any charters developed
for any invisible structures, village developments, etc. I've observed so
many misconceptions surrounding the entire subject of 501(c)(3)'s and their
operation, freedom of action, responsibilities, etc.

Scott, do you know if the proposed Credit Union's charter is established,
and, if so, may it be shared? If the Union is organized as a 501(c)(3), the
charter is of course a public document. If a private undertaking, sharing
the charter would be at the discretion of those forming the partnership
(would this constitute a credit union?). Either way, I feel that sharing
the charter would be very instructional to those of us working in the
partly-unmapped, seminal area of invisible structures. 

Jack Rowe
jackrowe at

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