Yeomans Keyline Plow, MapInfo Professional 4.1

Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack burrenag at
Mon Jan 5 17:09:22 EST 1998

Dear Dan,

I do not have that problem, using IOL (Ireland On Line). The Australia
Felix mails came through fine.


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> Subject: Re:  Yeomans Keyline Plow, MapInfo Professional 4.1
> Date: 05 January 1998 17:45
> Does anyone know why posts from Australia often come through as black on
> (no Kidding).  If you select the entire post and hit reply it shows up
and you
> can read it.  Obviously you can copy it and paste it to a word processing
> program, too, but that takes longer.
> Is this only a problem on AOL or do others experience it?
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