japanese permaculture

Bruce Brummitt lilacmn at eot.com
Thu Jan 1 16:45:44 EST 1998

Hi April, Jonathan, et al:
I rec'd this correspondence back from a friend:
Bruce, I'm sending this in case Seth did not give it correctly.  Robin
Adams, phone is 595-631237.  There is an international code that must be
used first.  It is in the front of the phone book.  Her address is:

3345 Wanigihara Cho
Nahari City
Mie Ken, Japan 51804

She is supposed to be back here the end of January, first of February.  Her
daughter Kim is having a baby at that time.  Maybe we can get together. 
Talk at you later.  Kathy 
<skatcon at wcta.com>
This woman (Robin) is who brought the two japanese permaculturists out to
our place two summers ago.  She lives in Japan half of each year and is tied
to the permaculture community there.  She is also seriously considering
"buying into" the same land cooperative/community in North Carolina that one
of the fellows did.
Sorry I couldn't get any more info right now, but this should get you the
information you are seeking.  Luck...


Bruce Brummitt and Cheryl Valois
        <lilacmn at eot.com>
     "Life is an Experiment"
         (46N56'  95W20')

From: "April Sampson-Kelly" <askpv at ozemail.com.au>

Subject: japanese permaculture

sorry for any duplications:
I am searching for Japanese permaculture people on the net
or with friends about.
I have lost the email address of previous Japanese correspondents and wish
to pass on as much info as possible to someone searching for
help in Japan.
thanks in advance for your patience and help.

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