Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack burrenag at iol.ie
Thu Jan 22 11:06:05 EST 1998

Hi April,
I'm not a guy! I know it's a funny name (outside northern Europe anyway)
and I'm almost always addressed as Mr. Bohnsack... and when people
eventually talk on the phone to me they always ask for my husband... It
seems, when unsure it's less offensive to adress a female as a male than
the other way 'round. Strange. No offence meant. Just wondering about why
that is so.
Anyway this is off-topic.

About the newsgroup: I did reply and there were 10 messages yesterday - not
a lot. I think the group is unknown - even Larry London didn't know it , it
We have this forum but then for people who wander in cyberspace and don't
go as far as checking out the ML it might be a more suitable forum. If it
was renamed to "own.garden.permaculture" or "own.farming.permaculture" it
might even be hit upon by keen gardeners and farmers who otherwise simply
wouldn't find the list and thus might never hear about pc. I know pc is
much broader than *just* gardening or farming but it seems to me that that
is the sort of entry point for most people. You know what I mean?
As I said I don't know who is behind the newsgroup so I don't know who to
address with this suggestion.

Any ideas / comments?


> From: April Sampson-Kelly <askpv at ozemail.com.au>
> To: permaculture at listserv.oit.unc.edu
> Subject: Re: Signing off this list for now
> Date: 22 January 1998 06:40
> Ute - our you the guy in Ireland,
> gosh, I wish I had a face to put with the names.
> recently I posted on that own.eco.perm.... list
> and asked "is anybody out there"
> and no-one replied.
> does this mean there was just me? or were you lurking in there!!:>
> April

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