Steven McFadden/CSA book (fwd)

Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack burrenag at
Thu Jan 22 04:59:47 EST 1998

My personal opinion: 
I have no objections. It's not *that* much and for those not interested
these is always the "delete" button.
> From: Lawrence F. London, Jr. <london at>
> To: permaculture at
> Subject: Steven McFadden/CSA book (fwd)
> Date: 22 January 1998 04:44
> This should be interesting to some folks in this list.
> BTW if any subscribers are tired of seeing my forwarded
> posts about borderline permaculture topics just let me know 
> and I'll stop.  Keeping the list on the PC track & subscribers
> happy is more important than bring in important but not directly
> related topics for discussion. If _anyone else_ wants to do this
> thouigh, I, for one, enjoy reading a diversity of opinion and
> information.  LL

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