Govt "Organic" Stds

FionaNyx FionaNyx at
Thu Jan 15 19:29:30 EST 1998

What makes me mad is:
1) Companies capitalizing on the reputation that has been painstakingly
constructed without following the principles (use the name, not the spirit).
2) Running small organic operations out of business with the costs of

If the corporations want this to happen it's going to happen.  The best we can
do is make a big stink to inform the consumers who pay attention.  They can
steal our name, but they can't have our soul...

The agrobusiness corporations who are stepping into the market for organic
products have enough money to fight indefinitely.  Why waste our energy
fighting this?  Maybe it's not a bad thing for them to create a market for
farm production that is better than a lot of what happens now.  Maybe we just
need to pick a new name for what we do so we can distinguish us from them--
like Beyondorganic or Greenfood or Handgrown or Earthfriendly...

~~FionaNyx <Sherry Levi>

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