Internet PC course/symposium

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Sat Jan 10 14:20:34 EST 1998

Hurray! for Geoff King's idea for an open-attendance, Internet PC course.
Or, a symposium with activists in various pc/sustainable fields publishing
papers on technical, detail-oriented aspects of their work, complete with
examples from their experience. We're all familiar with the broad
principles, what we need now is the exchange of working details. I'm in.
Great idea, Geoff.

My only disagreement with Geoff's post (on a technicality) was the 'Sirs'
salutation, since so many of the persons most active in this movement are
women. I believe, in fact, in terms of numbers, that there are more women
involved than men, if it matters. I know, in my current professional work
of running a seed exchange, that women significantly outnumber men in terms
of membership, offering of seeds, and requesting seeds. Hurray for women!

"Between men and women there is very little difference... but, VIVE LA
DIFFERENCE!!" (pardon my French)


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