Mosquitoes and Bats

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Fri Jan 9 22:36:48 EST 1998

Bat boxes are of two general designs... apparently the older design wasn't
very effective but the new one is. The old design ignored the way bats
reach, or hang in, their roosts, so it's worth finding the new design. Also
important is height above ground and orientation. There is an org called
something like Bats International that gives out plans for effective bat
boxes. Bats supposedly eat so may flying insects, 'skeeters included, that
the figures are always hard to believe. I wish I could remember where I put
my bat info ("Quick, Robin, hand me my Bat-Info!"... sorry), but I can't
(why don't I just throw things straight into the trash?). Does anyone know
Bats Int'l's address? 

A very good, basic book on bats and their habits/houses is one written by
Dr. Mervin Tuttle, from Austin, TX, where resides one of the largest urban
bat populations in the world (not a Texas tall tale). 


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