Harmonious EcoSystems

Mike Beaumont jhonas at relics.com
Fri Jan 9 15:53:20 EST 1998

Harmonious EcoSystems
Soil & Ground Water Issues
Land Use, Zoning &
Regulatory & Health Issues
Environmental Alternatives
Conflict Resolution
       Long Term, Staged Infrastructure Planning -  Water, Sewer, Power
& Waste Management
Small Wastewater Flows, Land Application, Composting & Alternative
Treatments for Community & Individual Systems
Jim Willits, BioRemediation Specialist -
 I have spent the last twenty-five years working for town  & city
governments, land developers, realtors, architects & engineers.
Designing & building unique alternative projects has won me awards &
government acceptance for community design & waste water treatment. My
family and I have homesteaded and lived communally, my intentions are to
now begin giving back what I’ve learned to Community projects. I will
provide free design & consulting services to small appropriate projects
(I may need room & board during site visits, if required). I will select
projects based on my own criteria and if projects become too large or
time consuming I would consider some barter. I do not want money for
this work.
 Jim Willits voice: 1-609-265-9135 or 1-609-702-1500
       home email: dwn2erth at pics.com
       office email: willits at bioactive.com
        website:  www.bioactive.com

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