de-worming chemical in domestic animal manure

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The agri-environmental specifications for management in Special Areas of
Conservation (i.e. protected sites) under the Irish Rural Environment
Protection Scheme (voluntary EU scheme) state that it is prohibited to
graze livestock treated within the previous week with pesticides which
leave persistent residues in the dung. 
On what type of consideration this is exactly based and whether a safety
margin is included I don't know.
Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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> Subject: de-worming chemical in domestic animal manure
> Date: 24 January 1998 01:53
> Can anyone offer qualified advice on breakdown rates and methods
> for manures that contain agricultural de-worming chemicals.
> Some permaculture students have access to the manure but want to ensure
> safety.
> The manure is a vital addition for students in arid lands where organic
> matter
> is as rare as gold.
> April

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