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>Subject:     Royal Paulownia Supply
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>I received a note from Robert Charles in New Zealand about Royal Paulownia.
>This is the first request for marketing the tree I have seen.  Looks like he
>needs a source for buying the tree for packaging his product.
>He needs  a high quality paulownia tree and can't find it in New Zeland.
>He is
>looking in the United States.  His premium quality clothing products are all
>packaged in paulownia wood boxes.
>He needs a relationship with a grower that can produce wood under these
>1.  Ongoing supply of Paulownia
>2.  Board dimentions:  500-2000mmX200-600mmX20-100cm
>3.  Ten years old
>4.  Knot free
>5.  Tight rings
>6.  Quantities of 50 cubic meters......
>Contact <Robert Charles Limited> at robert at robertcharles.co.nz
>More on Royal Paulownia at
>Steve Nix, forestry guide
>The Mining Company
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