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>I am actually working up a 2 day program for city based people right now.
>It is the result of a pilot I ran in January this year, in Sydney, and we
>will have it up and running in October, commencing in Sydney.  It is in
>fact a co-production betwen myself and another fellow, and is enormously
>intensive - focusing only on goal setting and Wealth Generation - Financial
>I would like to think I can run it in the west early next year.  So will
>keep you posted.  I like Christophers idea very much.  Quite a lot starting
>to develop over there (US) one way and another.
>Hope you are well
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>>Hi Bruce, Any chance of this being a possibility in WA.
>>Christopher Peck and Holistic Solutions will be offering a weekend workshop on
>>holistic financial planning, on October 3 & 4, 1998.
>>Topics to be covered:
>>History, development, and use of holistic management,
>>The holistic goal setting process,
>>Planning a profit,
>>Monitoring for success,
>>and much, much more!
>>Benefits of Holistic Financial Planning
>>Practitioners of Holistic Financial Planning report a considerable improvement
>>in their financial situation and the following benefits:
>>Elimination of long-term debt,
>>Achievement of their highest goals in life,
>>Improved clarity on how to make the "right" decisions,
>>Improved family communication around "money issues"
>>Come learn how to achieve these results for yourself!
>>Workshop cost is $175.
>>References and detailed information available.

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