eco villages / permaculture communities

Daniel Fraser Lewthwaite LEWTHWAD at
Tue Aug 4 18:34:55 EDT 1998

hi all,

i've been listening in for a while now but have not yet had cause to 
make a post as most threads haven't been relevant to my situation

I have a request.  I'm trying to find email contacts for Village 
Homes in the States and for Crystal Waters in Aussie,  failing that, 
regular mail addresses.  Also any other Permaculture ecovillages of 
significant development around the world.

My reason for getting in touch is that i'm doing a post-
graduate research project at Lincoln University, NZ  on the role of 
Community in sustainable agriculture.  While most of the farmers in 
my study would tell me where the bus stops if I were to introduce 
them to Permaculture design, they are semi open to the notion of 
community spirit and how this may be related to sustainable 
agriculture (currently seen as merely a technical matter!).  My task 
now is to research what the farmers have done in respect to 
sustainability then hunt out case studies of communities (including 
intentional communities such as eco-village / permaulture 
communities) that have taken the matter of sustainable agriculture 
and sustainability in general a bit further.

To this  end I am on the hunt for contacts for communities.  I know 
of two in NZ  (Otamatea ecovillage+Riverside community) and of 
Village Homes and Crystal Waters.  Now all i need is some way of 
getting in touch with them!

can any of you help me??!

if you can, i'd be greatly appreciative,  you can email me direct if 
you like to avoid clogging up the list (LEWTHWAD at LINCOLN.AC.NZ)

Cheers,  dan

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