Human nutrition

Eugene F. Monaco EFMonaco at
Thu Apr 30 11:33:17 EDT 1998

One thing to keep in mind is trailside nibbles.  I don't know the terrain
out there but any chance you get to nibble on wild foods will greatly
enhance your ability to sustain yourselves lavishly without dragging along
the umbilicle chord of civilization.  It is said that wild foods are 10
times as powerful as garden food, especially on a transformative energetic
basis, so it's well worth while to learn to use them, particularly from a
survival perspective.  The native american scouts relied soley on them,
supplemented with small game hunting, for their treks.  Probably the most
powerful food you can get would be wild game jerkey.  
While I'm on my soapbox, let me plug hiking for quality rather than
quantity.  Shlepping 60+ lbs of gear around, tromping through the woods
pounding the turf with heavy boots with the goal of making so many miles,
sends out concentric rings of energy that telegraph to wildlife for miles
around to run for cover--not exactly the best way to see much wildlife on
your hike.  Better to shed the gear, go barefoot or wear moccasins, learn
to foxwalk and stalk, cover less ground and see what's going on.  Let your
goal be to touch a deer, or to see a fox, 3 rabbits, and 5 turtles.  Stop
earlier and build a debris hut shelter instead of pitching the tent.  
Food for thought.
Gene Monaco

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