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Lee Flier lflier at
Mon Apr 20 18:02:16 EDT 1998

Gene wrote:

>The only problem with vegan groups and permaculture is when they demand
>that everyone in the group follow their philosophies, to the point of
>creating a litmus test for entry into the group.  This type of exclusivism
>can exist with any group, not just vegans.  A more proper term for this I
>think is "cult".  Vegan cultism and permaculture do seem IMO mutually
>exclusive as Lee points out.  But individual preferences, in the context of
>widescale tolerance and even encouragement of diversity, to me fit well
>with permaculture principles.

Yeah exactly!  I think a community that has both vegans/veggies and
omnivores would work just fine, as long as everybody's tolerant as you say.
 Unfortunately that is often not the case.  I could see potential problems
with vegans being disturbed by others in the community raising and/or
hunting animals.

Sigh... it ain't easy trying to save the world... :-)

= Lee =

Lee A Flier
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Atlanta and Ellijay, Georgia, U.S.A.

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