any writings or speakers in Permaculture Philosophy?

Michael Yount yount at csf.Colorado.EDU
Fri Apr 17 13:30:37 EDT 1998

Hi Harold,

I'm currently reading Forest Gardening, by Robert Hart, and 
have a copy of The Permaculture Way, by Graham Bell.  Both
are "easy to get one's head around."

Please contact me privately if you'd like publisher details
and so on.

yount at

 :}A friend asked me if there were any writings on Permaculture philosophy.  I
 :}said that it did not appear to be much work on it beyond:
 :}1) Chapter 1,2 and the last chapter in the Permaculture: A Designers Manual
 :}         - Lovelock's 'The Gaia Hypothesis' is mentioned.
 :}2) Manosubo Fukuoka: (I saw somewhere that somebody called him "The
 :}Permaculture Philosopher" ... the books of his are The One Straw Revolution
 :}and The Natural Way of Farming
 :}But, as I have had tired eyes from too much computing on bad computer
 :}screens, I have not read every book on Permaculture yet and there are so
 :}many new ones.
 :}I guess that D. J. Sholto & Robert Hart's " Forest Farming" might be a good one.
 :}What other books shall I suggest to my friend who is increasingly wanting
 :}to talk and speak introducing permaculture ideas? I am particularly
 :}interested in the latest works by people who are explicitly
 :}I've heard Larry Santoyo speak interesting asides on this but I have not
 :}heard of any writings.
 :}Who else can and do speak on such subjects?
 :}I find both tough questions during planting season when I want to abandon
 :}my computer and reading.
 :}Harold Waldock
 :}Edible Landscape Creations
 :}Vancouver Permaculture Network:
 :}haroldw at
 :}pgr/vmbox: 604 645-9529

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