PC Curriculum Development

David Fuller sol3az at igc.apc.org
Wed Apr 15 21:07:57 EDT 1998

Hi Christopher,

We have been working on a sustainable development program for the city of
Tucson, and are currently expanding our work into a Local Action Plan for
Greenhouse Gas Reduction (completed) and a coalition for Photovoltaic
deployment (funding pending). We are in the process of developing Regional
Indicators of Progress in the Sonoran Bioregion, through Sonora and Arizona
(funded by NOAA and the Arizona-Mexico Commission).  

Permaculture is such a powerful expression of sustainability, its frameworks
of operation, and the social factors that create (or recreate) the
landscape, that we would greatly enjoy being involved in collaboration with
your project.

Please get back to us at our email, or call

Venture Catalyst / Learning Village Project at (520)-326-3195.

All the best,

David Fuller and Valerie Rauluk (Co-Directors).

At 05:06 PM 4/14/98 EDT, CtopherP wrote:
>Dear friends-
>Permaculture Drylands Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, has recently
>received some funding to develop and publish a new permaculture curriculum.
>This curriculum is intended to revise and make more available permaculture
>wisdom. The curriculum will be based on a foundation of interactive learning
>experiences, with a focus on creative and practical, hand's-on activities. To
>make this curriculum as useful as possible, we solicit your input and
>feedback. If you would like to know more about how we are approaching this
>project, what we see as the contents of such a manual, the form the exercises
>will be presented in, etc., please respond to me personally at
>CtopherP at aol.com, and I'll forward materials to you. We would also like to
>know of pertinent resources, important contacts, cautions and concerns,
>possible blind spots, etc. that you might know of that could assist us in this
>Thank you in advance for your assistance,
>Christopher Peck
>Santa Fe, NM USA

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