Request for Info re: sustainable, self-sufficient small farms (fwd)

Rene and Lorraine van Raders rvraders at
Mon Apr 13 22:20:36 EDT 1998

Kylie wrote> 
> Hello. I am a university student from Auckland New Zealand. I am
> information for a research assignment into a design for the establishment
> of a self-sufficient small farm based on permaculture and sustainability
> principles. I am hoping one day to put this design into practice, living
> and working on it. I hope that it will serve as an example of sustainable
> agriculture in my country, since we currently have very few. I stumbled
> to your website listing for the results of some research you have done on
> small farms. I would be most grateful if you could send me any
> information/diagrams/designs/etc that would be helpful to me in my own
> research or if you could refer me to someone who may be able to help.
> Thank you for your help, it is much needed and much appreciated. 

You haven't mentioned any NZ permaculture contacts.  I would recommend
Joe Polaisher, 588 Matakana Valley Rd, RD5, Warkworth ph 9 422 7432 / 7708

Further north try Jo Maniapoto, PO Box 4204, Wanganui, 6 345 4993 / 6142 fx
or Hans Holtman, RD 1, Onerahi, Northland 9 436 0088

There are probably many others but these people I have met personally.
Cheers Rene


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