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<< I'm looking for suggestions on good trees/shrubs for a hedgerow in mid-
 USA (Maryland).  Plant hardiness zone is 6.   I'm needing some non-invasive
 species that are nitrogen-fixing, and/or good bee forage, and/or good animal
 forage or mast (chickens, sheep, cattle), and/or good wildlife forage, and/or
 human food value.  Plants on the western edge of the property are also going
 need to stand up to a good bit of wind.  Soil is mainly clay, with a fairly
 shallow water table, and some marshy areas.
 Any help appreciated! >>
Stacy H. Charland
Stacy_Charland at nih.gov

Hi, I'm from PA, about 1/2 hour from Baltimore.  Also, I grew up in Lancaster
County & so am familiar with a lot of trees in our region.

Please tell us a little more:
1) How many feet long & wide can your hedgerows potentially be?  (This helps
us decide how many layers may be used-- which is recommended, esp. where you
want a windbreak).

2)What's happening in the fields (what type of growing or forage or whatever)?
Or if not feilds, what is landuse beside hedgerows?

3)Are there water courses, pipes, roads or dwellings within several hundred
feet of them?  If so, describe in relation to the hedgerow.

4)Are there any native species already there that you want to keep or that
you'd like to put there?  

5)Are you already growing any fruit trees elsewhere?

6)Do you keep or plan to keep bees?

~~Sherry/ aka FionaNyx at aol.com

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