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Thu Apr 2 07:30:27 EST 1998

There is something attractive about a farmer making things "firm", as
this is in fact the stable base of any economy , as Bloefield so
elegantly points out in "Pleasant Valley". 
	Ironically in Brazilian Portuguese we have no word for "farmer", other
than "produtor rural"-- rural producer.  That also is a bit too
commercial-- farmer has more profound psychological  meanings for us,
don`t you think?  It has connotations of roots, which  "rural
producer"does not have...

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Akiva Werbalowsky wrote:
> <Whmm. And what do you recommend calling someone who raises cattle,
> sheep, or ducks?>
> Art>
> grower, shepherd, duckinero, etc.
> However, if he/she pays rent to an absentee land owner or is raising
> animals primarily for financial profit, I'd call 'em a farmer.
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