Stop Farming Now, please

Akiva Werbalowsky akivaw at
Sun Apr 5 00:47:25 EST 1998

The word "Farm" has as it's root <firme> which means a financial 
payment, contract, or rent for the use of land.

Its meaning implies absentee "ownership" and has nothing to do with 
healthy food, community, or environment. By using the words "farmer" or 
"farming" we maintain and strengthen a relationship paradigm 
incompatible with optimal wellness.

I recommend using words such as "grower" instead of farmer, and letting 
others know how important this word-knowledge can be.

Can we re-cultivate a respect and appreciation for natural resources 
with a stewardship rather than an ownership mentality, like many native 
cultures? It's all about balance and timing, and I believe NOW is a good 
time to rebalance our most basic cultural concepts.

Word, sound, power.

In good humus,

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