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Your cynicism does nothing to further the cause...but I must admit, it is
rather funny.  We, too, have a serious problem with gentrification of this
area...much of the "hillbilly" architecture is being razed and in it's stead
is two to three thousand square feet "cabins" and increased property taxes.

There is a grave problem with maldistribution of land, as well as population
centers that are designed for consumption and competition, rather than
cooperation and sustainability.  That is the focus of permaculture.  Change
will come, one-by-one...and oftentimes through necessity.  We aren't there,
yet...but there are paths emerging.

Have a good day...
I've heard recently that compassion is one of the greatest immune system
stimulaters...and cynicism our own worst enemy.


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From: "Steve Diver" <steved at>
  ...Of course, in a cool town like Fayetteville or Berkeley or Asheville,
we have progressive 
landlords and they understand we need these animals to practice
sustainable living...  By day--off to our
income destinations to pay for the feed--we tie the single cow to the 
shower faucet and place hay in the bathtub.  We have created a special 
micro-barrel composting method, mixing in-situ wheatgrass sprouts with 
kitchen scraps and cow poop.  The compost makes a fine potting mix for 
container-grown veggies and houseplants.  The latest appropriate 
technology craze is really an old indigenous solution, strap a poop sack
underneath the cow so it collects in one easy-to-retrieve bag ....instead of

the labor-intensive pooper scooper.  Sort of like sheet mulching instead of 
hoeing.  There is an ethical debate here in Fayetteville though.  Some
have adopted high intensity discharge lights to raise indoor veggies, while 
others askew the electrical inputs.  Invariablly the naysayers are the lucky

ones with south-facing windows though.  It's always easier when you're 
sitting on a goldmine of sunlight in a town with beautiful trees but 
concommittment shade, to be ethical on the electricity issue. 

Oh, were we still visualizing the ideallic PC homestead on 0.5 to 5.0 

Steve Diver
Fayetteville, Arkansas 


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