Vegan Pc

Eugene F. Monaco EFMonaco at
Mon Apr 20 16:49:22 EDT 1998

The only problem with vegan groups and permaculture is when they demand
that everyone in the group follow their philosophies, to the point of
creating a litmus test for entry into the group.  This type of exclusivism
can exist with any group, not just vegans.  A more proper term for this I
think is "cult".  Vegan cultism and permaculture do seem IMO mutually
exclusive as Lee points out.  But individual preferences, in the context of
widescale tolerance and even encouragement of diversity, to me fit well
with permaculture principles.
And on the subject of there not being any vegan tribes, I once heard of a
group of them, long, long ago, that thrived to such an extent that they
were considered surplus by another group.  This other group got carried
away and, with the help of some Texas BBQ sauce, ate them to extinction.

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