Hedgerow plants

Charland, Stacy CHARLANS at nigms.nih.gov
Wed Apr 8 17:08:46 EDT 1998

I'm looking for suggestions on good trees/shrubs for a hedgerow in mid-Atlantic
USA (Maryland).  Plant hardiness zone is 6.   I'm needing some non-invasive
species that are nitrogen-fixing, and/or good bee forage, and/or good animal
forage or mast (chickens, sheep, cattle), and/or good wildlife forage, and/or
human food value.  Plants on the western edge of the property are also going to
need to stand up to a good bit of wind.  Soil is mainly clay, with a fairly
shallow water table, and some marshy areas.

Any help appreciated!

Stacy H. Charland
Stacy_Charland at nih.gov

"A fool and his money are soon partying."   -unknown

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