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Howdy, all--

This Friday afternoon's Alta Vista search was on deformed frogs,
including as an indicator of pesticide effects.  Thought some of you 
SANETters might be interested in some of these links.

This topic reminds me, somehow, of Loren Eiseley's essay, "The Dance
of the Frogs."  Not sure why; perhaps the unutterable background
horror of it all, the uncontrollable dancing toward the edge of the
pier; or perhaps the old naturalist's hand (souvenir of Knowings
more Pan-ic than Promethean.  But I digress.). Speaking of which, a
fabulous Eiseley site:

You can read "The Brown Wasps" on-line:


Deformed frogs links--Alta Vista search 9/19/97

Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Task Force

including proceedings of the Great Lakes Declining                 
Amphibians Conference

William Souder's /Washington Post/ article (date?):

William Souder's /Washington Post/ article (1/29/97):

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's deformed frogs page:

[MPCA's index site:]

K-12 project on deformed frogs in Minnesota

A 10th-grader's experience of that project

Summary of Workshop on Central North American Amphibian 

Article from /Chemical and Engineering News/

In Harmony's summary sheet of vanishing wildlife, including frog 

Big list of herpetology links:

Pesticides, human health, and the environment:
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