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rec.gardens.ecosystems FAQ:

Appendix C: Related Newsgroups, Websites, Mailing Lists and Off-Line

     There are lots of newsgroups, websites, and mailing lists on
     the Internet that have relevance to the home gardener. New
     resources come on-line almost continuously while others fall by
     the way side. This appendix is a listing of the names and
     addresses of some of the more relevant newsgroups, websites and
     mailing lists for the home gardener following organic gardening
     and/or IPM. The appendix also lists a number of off-line
     addresses. An effort is made to keep this appendix current.

     We are open to suggestions as to additions or deletions.

C.01.*: Newsgroups

     Not all usenet newsgroups are available at all sites. It depends
     on the groups the site administrators choose or have available. 
     Talk to your site administrator about adding groups of your
     choice. See the search of usenet newsgroups at:

     Those newsgroups that seem most relevant to home gardeners 
     following organic gardening and/or IPM techniques:

     alt.sustainable.agricuture . . . un-moderated newsgroup on
                         sustainable agriculture; light traffic;
                         mostly farm and/or edible crop oriented
                         but also has articles of interest to 
                         those growing ornamentals; broad range
                         of materials and readership

     bionet.plants . . . . . un-moderated newsgroup on ornamental
                         and edible plants; light traffic; can 
                         be on technical side, advanced
                         material and advanced readership

     rec.gardens . . . . . . un-moderated newsgroup on general
                         gardening; heavy traffic; broad range
                         of material and readership

     rec.gardens.ecosystems. moderated newsgroup on organic gardening,
                         IPM, and garden ecosystems; ornamental
                         and edible crop gardening; a new news-
                         group building increased traffic and
                         readership; broad range of material
                         leaning towards the technical side;
                         broad readership

     rec.gardens.edible. . . un-moderated newsgroup on edible crop
                         gardening; a new group building
                         increased traffic and readership; broad
                         range of material and readership

     rec.ponds . . . . . . . un-moderated newsgroup on building and
                         maintaining water gardens and water
                         features; moderate traffic; mostly on-
                         topic and specialized material; broad
                         to advanced readership

     sci.agriculture.fruit . un-moderated newsgroup on growing fruit;
                         light traffic; broad and advanced
                         material; advanced readership; a good
                         reference on the care of fruit trees
     uk.rec.gardening  . . . un-moderated newsgroup on general home
                         gardening in the U.K.; moderate to heavy
                         traffic; broad material and readership;
                         similar to rec.gardens but based in U.K.

C.02.*: Mailing Lists & News Letters

     See the search of listserv newsletters at:

     Those mailing lists & newsletters that seem most relevant to
          home gardeners following organic gardening and/or IPM:

  C.02.01: General Gardening / General Organic Gardening:
     Aliens List
          Address: Aliens-l at
          Subscription messgae: SUBSCRIBE your name 

     Gardens and Gardening Listserv
          Address: LISTSERV at UKCC.UKY.EDU
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE GARDENS and your name

     Master Gardeners Discussion List
          Address: Alist at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE mgardener and your name
     Organic Gardening Discussions List (U.S. based)
          Address: listserv at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE ogl and your name

     Organic Gardening Discussions List (UK based)
          Address: organic-l at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE your name

     Pacific Northwest Organic Gardening Discussions List
          Address: pnworganics-l at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE your name
  C.02.02: Specialized Gardening
     Alpines Discussion List
          Address: listserv at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE alpine-L at nic.surfnetc.NL
                             yourname yourcity

     Aquatic Plants Discussion List
          Address: mailto:macjordomo at
          Subscription address: SUBSCRIBE aquatic-plants your name
     Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Discussion List
          Address: listserve at
          Subscription address: SUBSCRIBE herb your name

     Mediterranean Plants Discussion List
          Address: listproc at
          Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE medit-plants your name 

     Native Plants Discussion List
          Address: pnw-natives at
          Subscription message:SUBSCRIBE your_firstname your_lastname
          In the body of the message:
               macjordomo at
  C.02.03: Composting

     Home Composting Discussion List
          Address: listproc at
          Subscription address: SUBSCRIBE compost your name 
  C.02.04: Environmental

     Environment Discussion List
          Address:environment-l at       
          Subscription address: SUBSCRIBE your name    

C.04.*: Websites

  C.04.01: General Gardening / General Organic Gardening:
          Garden Web Home Page


          Midnet Organic

          Rochester Gardening

          The Garden Spider Web

          The Virtual Garden

  C.04.02: Specialized Gardening:

          Composting at Home

          Land Restoration

          Manure Maters Newsletter

          Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening

          Rot Web Home Composting Information Site

          Worm Composting System

  C.04.03: Gardening Associations:

          American Association of Botanical gardens

          American Horticultural Society

          American Rose Society

  C.04.04: Gardening References:
          Cornell Center for the Environment


          Genetic Engineering Information @ Envirolink

          National Agricultural Pest Information System

          Pesticide Action Network

  C.04.05: Commercial Websites; Suppliers:

          BioOrganics Supply Center
               (Mycorrhizal Inoculants)
               don at

          Burpee Seed
               (Seeds & Plant Material) 

          Cascadium Farn
               (Organic Gardening Materials)
          Gardens Alive
               (Organic Gardening Materials)
               76357.2160 at

          Gardener's Supply Co.

          Smith & Hawken
               (Tools & Gifts)

  C.04.06: Websites, Misc.  
C.05.*: Off-Line Addresses:

  C.05.01: Associations & References:

  C.05.02: Nurseries:

          Heirloom Old Garden Roses
               (Own root Roses)
               24062 NE Riverside Drive
               St. Paul, Or., 97137

          Heronswood Nursery, Ltd.
               7530 NE 288th Street
               Kingston, Wa., 98346-9502

          Jackson & Perkins
               1 Rose Lane
               Medford, Or., 97501

          Kurt Blueml
               (Ornamental Grasses)
               2740 Greene Ln.
               Baldwin, Nd., 21013-9523
          Park Seed Co.
               (Seeds & Bulbs)
               Cokesbury Road
               Greenwood, S.C., 29647-0001

          Pickering Nurseries, Inc.
               670 Kingston Rd., Highway #2
               Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A6

          Shepherd's Garden Seeds
               30 Irene St.
               Torrington, Ct., 06790

          Stark Bro's Nursery
               (Fruit Trees)
               P.O. Box 10
               Hwy 54 W.
               Louisianna, Mo., 63353

          Thompson & Morgan Seed Co.
               P.O. Box 1308
               Jackson, N.J., 08527-2225
          Van Bourgondien Brothers
               245 Farmingdale Rd.
               P.O. Box 1000
               Babylon, N.Y., 11702

          Van Ness Water Gardens
               (Water Plants & Supplies)
               2460 N. Euclid Ave.
               Upland, Ca., 91784-1199

          Wayside Gardens
               (Roses & Perennials)
               Hodges, SC., 29695-0001

          White Flower Farm
               (Annuals & Perennials)
               P.O. Box 50
               Litchfield, Ct., 06759-0050

  C.05.03: Tools & Garden Supplies:

               (Watering Systems)
               380 Maple Street
               Willits, Ca., 95490

          Gardener's Supply Co.
               128 Intervale Road
               Burlington, Vt., 05401

          Gardens Alive!
               (Organic Gardening Supplies)
               5100 Schenley Pl.
               Dept. 5672
               Lawrenceburg, In., 47025

          A.M. Leonard, Inc.
               P.O. Box 816
               Piqua, Oh., 45356-0816

          IPM Labs
               (Beneficial Insects)
               P.O. Box 300
               Locke, NY., 13092-0300

          Kinsman Co.
               River Rd., FH
               Point Pleasant, Pa., 18950

          Mellinger's Inc.
               2310 W. South Range Rd.
               North Lima, Oh., 44452

          Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
               (Organic Gardening Supplies)
               P. O. Box #NG
               Grass valley, Ca., 95945

          Walt Nicke Co.
               P.O. Box 433
               Topsfielld, Ma., 0193

  C.05.04: Books, Publications & Publishers:

          Acres U.S.A.
               (Monthly Eco-Agriculture News Letter)
               P.O. Box 8800
               Metairie, La., 70011-8800

          Allen Lacy's Homeground
               (Quarterly News Letter)
               P.O. Box 271
               Linwood, NJ., 08221

          Rodale Press, Inc.
               400 South 10th Street
               Emmaus, Pa., 18098

  C.05.05: Misc. Addresses:

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