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Subject: Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables

Today's Market Prices


This website  provides in an original way the wholesale herbs, fruits and
vegetables market prices from USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Latin
America, classified by product, origin and sizes. With this new tool you
can  compare the terminal prices of each commodity among more than thirty
markets all over the world.
This  includes  Fruit Report,   Misc. Herb Report, Misc. Ornamental
Vegetables,  Onions & Potatoes Report,  Subtropical Fruits & Vegetables
Report,  and Vegetables Report .
All the Shipping Points Prices.
Rotterdam Auction Prices, Japan Ota Market and more.
Search engines for historical prices.
Today's Markets Prices  provides  tables about last month prices.
Also, you will be able to place business opportunities free of charge on
Surf the agricultural wave from our Green Links!
If you like it please pass it on to your students,
colleagues,listservs,newsgroups and webpages you participate in - if you
feel it is appropriate.

Thank you for your time.

       Mike Green
webmaster at todaymarket.com

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