Australian Domestic Mulcher's

Keith Elwell-Gavins keitheg at
Tue Sep 23 12:10:02 EDT 1997

> I would be interested in hearing about anybody's experience with, or
> recommendations about Australian made domestic mulchers.
> Living on a small inner suburban site means mulching of any offcuts,
> leaves, etc that come my way is essential.
> Graham Johnson
> Melbourne


I use an US made mulcher, but my advise is to only buy a petrol-driven
one no matter what the origin or brand. The electric ones are only
good for lawn clippings and leaves - they will clog on even the smallest
branch or twig... Of course, it's still possible to clog any mulcher
with abuse, but the petrol ones can at least handle branches up to 50mm
or so.

Cheers, Keith.

  Keith Elwell-Gavins
    Queanbeyan, NSW

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