New Homeopathics Learn how to Clear Negative Effects!

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Hi Mike great to hear from you.  Did you resubscribe.
I lost you for a while.( you can resubscribe now from the PAWA web page)

>Hi there Vic.
>Even though we are in the wilds of Northern Australia (Darwin suburban), we
>still get your messages and look forward to finding out what's happening. 
>I am very interested in the wirkshop on new homeopathics. Naturally it will
>be a little difficult for me to get there. I wonder if there is any
>information going to be disseminated about it. If so I would really like to
>get whatever information is available.
>Give my regards to all at PAWA.

 Ross Mars and other Permies organised a workshop with Callum Coats on 
Living Energy (water) and the book of the same name written by Callum.
This was the translated works of Viktor Schauberger. Viktor had built a 
devise which recreated mountain spring water. It was reported to have 
been very succesful so much so that people claimed to have ben cured 
of cancer. Whereupon the Austrian Government is reported to have destroyed
 the device as you are not allowed to cure cancer without a MD after your 

>Mike Mattys
>At 03:16 PM 9/2/97 WST, you wrote:
>>Learn how to Clear Negative Effects!
>>Alexander Freis-Terch from Austria,  is offering a workshop which will
>teach us a simple method of reversing negative effects in many areas, eg.
>healing the human body, water and soils.  This modality is called “New
>Homoeopathy” and has only recently been developed in Austria.  It can be
>practised by those with no previous healing experienced and will add to the
>knowledge of professional healers.
>>Alexander recently demonstrated a very simple method of reversing negative
>effects of the homoeopathic imprint of pesticide and other chemicals
>carried in water. This may offer a simple method of removing the
>inappropriate information carried in our water systems as highlighted by
>Callum Coates in his recent workshop.  
>Elder Mattys
>Australia Adelaide Mission 
>mmattys at

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