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My apologies, I didn't check the email Genevieve asked me to forward closely 
enough, her email address should be

carrutg at

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My name is Genevieve Carruthers, and I work for the NSW Department of 
Agriculture in Australia. I have recently been employed to work with farmers and
other clients of NSW Ag. interested in adopting a systems approach to farming. 
Obviously, organic farmers and similar are already some way down this road.

I am interested in case studies or examples of agricultural enterprises that 
have adopted environmental management systems approaches to their production. 
ISO 14000, being the internationally recognised systems approach is but one of 
several systems that can be used (others being the EU's EMAS scheme, the British
BS 7750 etc.). So far in Australia, only one farmer, a cotton grower, has 
followed the ISO 14000 path to full certification, at an approximate cost of 

Can anyone provide me with information, or case studies? I'd be most grateful, 
and am happy to pass on information from Australia, as I find it, to interested 

Genevieve Carruthers

carrutg at


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