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Dear members of the Ag-impact list,

	I participate (well, actually, lurk) in this list because I teach a class
on the environmental impacts of agriculture in our industrial environmental
management program at Yale.  However, I am also the editor of the Journal
of Industrial Ecology.

	The Journal recently published an article about Patagonia's efforts to
move all of its apparel to organic cotton and the changes that it had to
make in its relationship with its suppliers to achieve this.  If you are
interested, the article is available in full text (PDF) at the journal's
web site:

Yours truly,
Reid Lifset

Reid J. Lifset, Associate Director	School of Forestry & Environmental
Industrial Environmental Management Program		Yale University
Editor, Journal of Industrial Ecology			205 Prospect Street
203-432-6949 (tel)					New Haven, CT   06511-2189  USA
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