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"Long Hungry Creek Farm is a self-sufficient, small farm that Jeff Poppen
tends with his partner. It is a certified biodynamic, organic farm with
five acres of vegetables for market, experimental orcahrds, extensive herb
and flower beds, grains, hay, cattle, and a fruit tree nursery." from the
intro to "Barefoot Farmer"

Ecological farmer Jeff Poppen, author of 'A Barefoot Farmer,' 'A Barefoot
Farmer II,' 'A Barefoot Farmer III,' and 'A Barefoot Farmer's Handbook of
Medicine,' requested a  court injunction last month to prevent Tri-Country
Electric Membership Corporation (TMC) from spraying  "Escort" and/or
"Arsenal" (herbicides) from a helicopter  along powerlines on his
Demeter-certified BD farm and along powerlines on adjoining properties in
Macon County, TN.

Jeff  goes to court on September 19th at 9:00 a.m. at Trousdale County
Courthouse in Hartsville, TN to ask for a permanent injunction against
aerial spraying, in effect asking TMC 'to show cause why a permanent
restaining order should not be issued.'

It is likely that TMC will counter-sue Jeff  because his "interference"
which has cost them time and money.

Jeff is not a rich man and he could use any possible support from the
sustainable agriculture community.

He needs:
1.  Any scientific proof that the aerial spraying of herbicides poses a
health risk;
2. Financial help;
3. Positive thoughts OR your presence at court that morning.

Jeff can be reached at: 615-699-2703 or by writing to P. O. Box 163, Red
Boiling Springs, TNB  37150. Email for Jeff can be directed to
biodynamics at

Discussions on this list about the use of herbicides in proximity to
certified farms by utility companies or any other matters related to Jeff's
legal situation will be forwarded to him.

Thank You,

Allan Balliett
moderator, BD-L (the BIODYNAMICS email list)

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