New Homeopathics Learn how to Clear Negative Effects!

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Learn how to Clear Negative Effects!

Alexander Freis-Terch from Austria,  is offering a workshop which will teach us a simple method of reversing negative effects in many areas, eg. healing the human body, water and soils.  This modality is called “New Homoeopathy” and has only recently been developed in Austria.  It can be practised by those with no previous healing experienced and will add to the knowledge of professional healers.

Alexander recently demonstrated a very simple method of reversing negative effects of the homoeopathic imprint of pesticide and other chemicals carried in water. This may offer a simple method of removing the inappropriate information carried in our water systems as highlighted by Callum Coates in his recent workshop.  


Sunday, 14th Sept:  Jo Darbyshire’s, 1800 Wanneroo Road, Neerabup.
10 am. - 3pm.  Please bring own lunch, teas and coffee supplied.  Cost $25. All welcome.

Monday, 15th Sept:  Devryn’s Health Clinic, 12 Verticordia Place, Greenwood.
7pm - 10pm.  Cost $25.  Appropriate for healing practitioners and their students.

Wednesday, 10th Sept:  Lyn Hatswill, 17 Lutey Avenue, Daglish - 7.30pm - 10pm.  Please park only in Troy Tce.  Cost $25.  
Workshop for those practising Reflexology and Metamorphosis and their students.  This workshop does not relate specifically to “New Homoeopathics”.

Pat Dare, 8 Palana Road, City Beach, 6015
Tel: 9385 9954, or leave a message 9385 7228
Fax: 9385 7228

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