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>Many apologies for any cross-posting.
>Dear friends,
>Greetings!  We have produced an International Directory of Companies
>Supplying Alternatives to Methyl Bromide.  We are urgently seeking
>additional companies, products and services to add to the next edition of
>the Directory.
>Methyl bromide is a fumigant applied to soil (for horticultural crops),
>stored grains and commodities.  Use of methyl bromide is scheduled to be
>phased out under an international government agreement (the Montreal
>Protocol), because it depletes the ozone layer.
>The Directory will assist users of methyl bromide to identify products and
>services which can control the pests and pathogens currently controlled by
>methyl bromide.
>We would be very grateful for information.  We are urgently looking for:
>1.  Names and addresses of any companies (or institutes or consultants) who
>supply products or services which can replace (or partly replace) methyl
>bromide.  Examples of alternatives are given below.  We would like to
>include companies and products in all regions, including Africa, Latin
>America, North America, Asia and Europe.
>2.  Other contacts who might be able to provide names of companies or products.
>If you are able to help, please complete the questions given below.  We
>would be grateful for a response as soon as possible.
>Not-for-profit organisations or individuals who send information for the
>Directory will receive a free copy when the next edition is published.
>Many thanks!
>Melanie Miller.
>A variety of products can replace methyl bromide.  Often products must be
>combined with other treatments, or used as part of an integrated system, in
>order to control the full spectrum of pests.
>a)  Examples of products which can control soil pests or diseases:
>(for crops such as strawberries, melons, tomatoes, peppers, flowers and
>tobacco, in seedbeds or open fields or greenhouses)
>- plastic sheets for solarisation
>- biological control products eg, Trichoderma, Gliocladium, microbial additives
>- natural or artificial substrates or substrate systems
>- soil amendments, disease-suppressive compost, composting equipment
>- steam equipment
>- chemicals such as dazomet, metham-sodium, chloropicrin
>b)  Examples of services which can control soil pests or diseases:
>- portable steam treatments
>- horticultural IPM training services
>- consultants in IPM or biological control
>- consultants in permaculture, organic or biodynamic agriculture
>- relevant research services
>- soil pest and pathogen monitoring services
>c)  Examples of products and services for stored grain pests:
>- training in IPM for stored products
>- fumigants such as phosphine, carbon dioxide
>- modified atmosphere treatments, hermetic storage
>- inert dusts
>- biological controls and insect growth regulators for grains
>- specialist sheeting for carbon dioxide fumigations
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
> - please send information, even if you cannot answer all the questions
> - please repeat questions 1-12 for EACH company
> - please return as soon as possible to:
>Dr Melanie Miller, PO Box 665, Napier, New Zealand
>Tel & fax:  +646 835 3501
>email:   m-miller at
>Many thanks!
>1. Company name:
>2. Company address:
>3. Tel:
>4. Fax:
>5. email:
>6. Contact person in company:
>7. Trade name of product (or service):
>8. Brief description of product (or service):
>9. Is the product (or service) for soil or commodities or something else?
>10. List the crops or commodities which the product (or service) is
>effective for:
>11. List main pests and pathogens controlled by product (or service):
>12. Geographical region where product (or service) can be supplied:
>If the company supplies more than one product/service, please repeat
>questions 7 - 12 for each product or service.
>Please list contacts (eg. individuals, companies) who might be able to
>provide information for the Directory.
>Repeat questions 13-19 for each contact.
>13.  Contact name:
>14.  Organisation:
>15.  Address:
>16.  Tel:
>17.  Fax:
>18.  email:
>19.  Brief note of the type of information the contact can provide:
>A free copy of the Directory will be sent to not-for-profit organisations
>and individuals who provide information.  Your address will not be used for
>any other purpose.
>20.  Your name:
Victor guest
>21.  Your postal address:
>Thankyou for your help!
>Melanie Miller PhD
>Environmental Policy Analyst, PO Box 665, Napier, New Zealand
>Phone & fax: +646 835 3501        email: m-miller at

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