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I hope I have the right of reply here.

Our discussions were about the effect of technology on sustainable 
agriculture and the information about vaccination in humans suggests that
hygene, cleanliness and general good health are much better against 
disease than vaccination.

>This stuff doesn't belong on the SAE-D list.  Perhaps I'm a bit biased,
>being an agriculturalist married to a "traditional" medical doctor who has
>spent most of her career practicing in Africa and seeing hundreds of
>patients die because they lack a 10 cent vaccination. 

It is no longer the case of an 11c. vaccine.

My point here is that you now have to contend with HIV because of a 10c.
polio vaccination and we now face the certainty that millions WILL die 
anyway with the disease spreading all over the world.

A major manufacturer of vaccines in England has gone out of production 
because of the cost of litigation.
An American manufacturer is reputed to have put $8 per vaccination aside
to pay for litigation im 1987.

It now costs $40 to vaccinate children in Australia. But at what !REAL! cost?

The pastuerisation of milk was seen as a breakthrough, yet the Longevity 
Institute in San Diego advised people to use natural ( unpastuerised)
milk because it appears that pasteurisation destroyed the natural enzymes
in milk that enabled us to digest it. The main thing was that pasteurisation
allowed a much lower level of hygene in dairies.
(They also advised the Australian Meat And Livestock Corporation,( the 
Government meat regulatory body) that the only meat Americans should eat was
Aust Pet meat, because it was the only meat that they could guarantee was 
free of contamination from chemicals etc., coming from the Australian North, 
where the cattle are only mustered for slaughter) 

It appears now that as many as 85% of the people in Europe may be allergic 
to milk.

If this is the case what are the side effects of vaccinating animals.?
(I know that Entrotoxaemia is easily controlled by good management 
practises). I don't know what the side effects may be in humans that eat 
the meat.

So what effect could the vaccine have on the humans that eat the meat?
Antibiotics and hormones fed to chickens and cattle are being linked with
immunity to antibiotics (and healing)in humans and hormonal problems for men
and women.
(Have you seen the cost of an amputation.)
DID YOU KNOW The sperm count in men worldwide has dropped 50% in the last
20 years. 50 men tested who eat bio-dynamic food show NO CHANGE.

What is causing the incidence of Asthma in our kids. It is running at 33% in 
my daughters class at school.(What profit to the pharmaceutical Industry) 

Why are so many people in gaol, and is this linked with Sustainable 
Agriculture.( I believe the answer is "YES")

The question you have to ask has the technology which we thought could feed 
the world really served us.

Bill Mollinson of Permaculture Fame has said and I agree. We know everything
we have to know we now just have to have the fortitude to put it in to 
Holistic Management as seen by Allan Savoury, shows that everytime we have 
tried to interfere in nature that the result was a disaster.

Let me assure you
>this:  If you think vaccinations cause health problems, wait until you delay
>them or go without them.  
>In any event, I'm violating my own first statement:  this stuff doesn't
>belong on this list!
>Tom Johnson
>At 11:40 AM 8/29/97 WST, you wrote:
>>A group who presented information at the Arch conference The Vaccination
>>Awareness Group have as booklet called "Why Vaccinate".
>>We are told that vaccination rarely causes any problems.
>>As this is red nose week I would like to share with you their information.
>>When a link was established between vaccination and (SIDS)Sudden Infant
>>Death Syndrome in 1975 the Japanese government Raised the  the minimum 
>>vaccination age to 24months. The SIDS dropped by 95%. 
>>"It would appear that America and Japan Inadvertantly carried out the 
>>biggest and most comprehensive double blind study that showed that 
>>vaccination is a primary cause of cot death.
>>My interest was galvanised when one of the 7 books for recommended reading
>>was "Vaccination, Social violence,and Criminality". "The Medical Assualt on 
>>the American Brain" By Harris L Coulter.

Sustainable Agriculture has to concern itself with human nutrition, which is
the same nutrition as you and I need. If you don't get the right nutrition
you can get sick and die. The land needs the same nutrients.
It is becoming more and more obvious that people who suffer from nutrient
deficiencies are being put into gaols and mental institutions.
What is this list about? Sustainable Agriculture Education. Permaculture is
Permanent Sustainable Agriculture/Culture. It is not much good having one 
without the other.

>>Now a couple of "Did you Knows"
>>The American Government has paid out $800 Million in compensation to victims 
>>of vaccination. Over 2,600 cases are backlogged. 11,000 case are reported
>>annually and are possibly only 10 to 15% of adverse reaction.
>>Investigation of HIV by Louis Pascal of the University of Woolongong (AUST), 
>>contends that. It was introduced into the Belgian Congo by the World Health
>>Organisation as a direct result of mass oral polio vaccination.
>> That the manufacturing process almost guaranteed contamination
>>by foreign viruses which could not be killed without killing the polio virus.
>>There is mounting evidence from around the world of the many side effects of 
>>the different vaccines linked to:-- Arthritis, Chronic fatigue, asthma, HIV
>>allergies, diabetes, Hyperactivity, ADD, Autism, Leukaemia, cancer, however 
>>at the top of the pyramid we find SIDS.
>>America will have 2mill people incarcerated by the year 2,000. (from a paper
>>on Restorative Justice read at a conference in New Zealand).
>>How many are the victims of vacination.
>> In Western Australia it is thought that between 60 to 80% of prisoners are 
>>ADD, 15% are illiterate. 
>> Other information about the status of minerals in the bodies of violent
>>criminals sees them as being treatable.

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