goat forage

Permaculture West permawest at olywa.net
Sun Sep 28 07:31:05 EDT 1997

	The farm I am caretaking has three rascally goats that are never content
with what they are being fed or where they are being ranged (apparently
typical for goats).  I would like to put these animals to work as pasture
management agents around my newly planted nut trees.  I have tried a number
of caging devices to protect my trees but the goats have defied all my
defenses and continue to ravage the young trees. This happens despite the
fact that they have abundant woody browse within their range.  Has anyone
stumbled across a clever way to protect their saplings from rampaging
goats?  Is there such a thing as a goat proof cage for trees?  I get the
feeling the common answer will be, "don't range your goats with your young
trees."  However, unfortunately the two are already committed to eachother
due to lack of space. 
	Along those lines...has anyone experimented with an intentionally designed
goat forage system?  Perhaps I could distract these ruminants from my nut
trees by providing them with their favorite yummies.  Does anyone have any
plant species suggestions for the Pacific NW?

						permawest at olywa.net

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